Hallowe’en costume scramble – a water noodle…or is it?!

With a six year-old Spark goblin having last-minute reservations about being a muskrat for Hallowe’en, we are using a variation of a SUPER Story Starters question as fodder for costume ideas. We have six lonely water noodles in our garage.  So, “What could you use a water noodle for in a Hallowe’en costume?”

We put the question out to the Spark Your Imagination Facebook fans and added their fantastically creative ideas to this growing list…. (a big thanks for your additions!)

  • a broom (perfect for the Potters out there) – add some twigs & twine to one end
  • a bowl of Spaghetti – with some tomato sauce?
  • a dinosaur tail
  • a pirate’s peg leg
  • a worm… or a whole can of them!
  • legs for a spider or ladybug
  • a balance beam for a tight rope walker
  • a breathing tube for an astronaut (bring up that ski helmet & put a box on his or her back to attached ‘airpipe’ to)
  • a fire fighter hose – the only other thing you need is a hat to complete the costume!
  • a unicorn horn
  • a light sabre for Hans Solo (ah, but soft)
  • tail spikes for a dragon or dinosaur
  • cut up into sea urchin spikes
  • cut up into logs for a lumberjack (and not too heavy!)
  • a snake
  • an extra arm for any costume … very ghoulish!
  • padding for your football or hockey player
  • Whimpy Kid hair
  • octapus arms
  • a bouquet (with flowers made from colourful gift tissue topping the noodles)
  • a bunch of asparagus (circling your body with a ribbon tied to keep it all together)

Do you have any ideas to add?  We’d love to hear them! Please comment below or post on www.Facebook.com/SparkYourImagination.