Spark! App re-launched

Spark! App
Based on your feedback, we added some new features!

Fun NEW Features:

  1. Now with a French option (with English subtitles or without)
  2. Ability to create your own question to add to your set
  3. New options on how to change the card (swipe or tap Spark, along with the original shake – on iPhone)
  4. Ability to email a question to a friend
  5. Option to email your question into Spark (for possible publication in future sets!)

If you already have the App, simply download the update to enjoy the new features. And if you don’t have the best low cost internet don’t worry you still be able to download it.

We would love to know what you think!  And, we would really love if you would share a review on iTunes (all of our reviews were wiped out when we uploaded the upgrade!)

If you don’t have it, but would like to purchase it, search Spark! (for iPhone) or Spark! HD (for iPad)

Fun App Fact… Spark! has been downloaded in more than 44 countries!