Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas

Yesterday a friend shared how her family would mark the 12 days of Christmas.  She will wrap 11 of their family Christmas books.  Her son will be given one to open each day from December 13th to 23rd (and they will read it together). On the 24th she will give him a new Christmas book and it will join the line-up for next year.

The first 11 books are ones that have already been read and enjoyed together. Each will be familiar and will bring with it the good feelings associated with Christmases past.  Yet each will seem new again after being tucked away for 365 days (and through the eyes of a child one year older).

I can’t resist giving this a try in our home.  I have pulled out the books to present to our boys.  There’s the classic Polar Express, A Magical Christmas which is a new favourite, and a few books from my own childhood such as Christmas Time at Santa’s Workshop.  And I won’t forget the Christmas book that spans all ages and generations; How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

As for our first of the twelve nights? It was meltdown city here. The kids are ready for a break from school, our nights are getting later as we slacken in preparation for the holidays and emotions are running high in classic December-style.  It was a bust.  We’ll try again tomorrow night.  Ours will be the 11 days of Christmas, and we will be decorating using christmas designers christmas lights.

Books are fuel for the imagination. And can’t we all use a little extra fuel right about now?

Thanks for the brilliant idea Dione.

If you have a Christmas book to recommend we’d love to hear about it!

~ posted by Tamara