About Spark

Spark Your Imagination is a Canadian-based, family-run venture.

Spark founder, Tamara Vukusic with familyTamara Vukusic – Founder & Owner

How it all began…

My husband and I created the original Spark Story Starters together as a tool to get our four and five-year old boys – and ourselves – thinking outside-the-box.

As a journalist and writer I have always been struck by the power of an open-ended question.  It is with this in mind that we consciously started asking our kids questions that begged for more than one-word answers.  And it worked!

We watched our kids’ imaginations skyrocket. We were awestruck by their ability to solve problems and create stories. And we continue to love the conversations they bring to life.

Spark exploded into a growing collection of games to encourage creativity and connect families.
Thanks, too, to Adam & Finn (5 and 6) who contributed ideas to one of our newest products – SUPER Story Starters.

We offer our gratitude to the many parents, grandparents, teachers and friends of the special needs community who shared their enthusiastic ideas that have helped to shape our products.

Thanks, too, to Adam & Finn (5 and 6) who contributed ideas to one of our newest products – SUPER Story Starters.

These talented BC mom-illustrators worked on Spark at the crack of dawn and during nap times.

Alissa Staples

Alissa Staples is an illustrator and mother of two girls, Sophie (4) and Abigail (10 months).  She has loved drawing since she could hold a crayon, so now loves creating pictures that inspire kids to do the same.  Besides illustrating, she also loves to run, crochet, and make cute bento lunches for her kids. Alissa, her husband Ben and their two girls live in North Vancouver, BC.
Alissa loves playing Story Starters with her family and delights in finding the Spark products on display at local stores.  She is so proud to watch Spark grow!

Website:  www.alissastaples.com

Suzy Beattie
Suzy Beattie is an artist and an illustrator and the mother of Bella (5).  She has been creating art since she could hold a pencil. “It’s my most favourite thing to do.  When I was 3, I drew fishes all over the oceans in my Dad’s world atlas. Thankfully, my parents let me off easy and began gifting me art supplies as often as possible (thank you).”

She moved to BC from Glasgow in 2003 and is now making the adjustment to good old-fashioned country living at Paul Lake (just outside Kamloops) with her husband Jason and their daughter.
Suzy enjoyed working on Spark Your Imagination games because the focus is on freedom of imagination.
Website: http://suzybartistandillustrator.blogspot.com/