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Spark Creativity

Spark Your Imagination Story Starters inspire kids to think beyond the boundaries of what is. The future needs our creative kids. Get your kids to think outside the box with Spark Story Starters and empower them to hone an increasingly valuable skill.

Problem Solve with Spark

Many of the questions encourage creative problem-solving. And when imagination and problem-solving meet, a story is often born. Stories that live in the mind are shared again and again, growing with each telling.

Encourage Story Telling

Although kids can use story starters on their own, imaginations reach even further when others join in on the fun. Spark Story Starters can make your family time more engaging and more memorable. Revive or expand the art of story-telling in your home.

Who are Spark Story Starters for?

    Spark Story Starters work with kids as young as four, yet they are proven to lure even the most reluctant teen into conversation. None of the questions are based on pop culture, mass media or dated topics. Spark Story Starters engage people of all ages and interests.