What are people saying about Spark?

Fun for the WHOLE Family!

Every parent should have a deck in their car and hand bag! Our 5 and 6 year-old boys ask us to get the cards out in the car. What a fantastic way to connect with your children. Not only does it give us hilarious conversations, it directs good behavior and distracts our boys from getting bored.   Mia Dong

Love using this with my 3 year son… and my 14 year old daughter.  Tammy Hadley

All my kids age 4- 12 loved playing with this one. PamHC

Great way to prompt imagination in younger children and recapture your own sense of whimsy. Pea&Bunny’sMom

Laugh Together!

Spark has silenced the “Mom, I’m bored” blues and has kept the peace in the back seat between our two boys, ages 5 and almost 3. They love to come up with fun answers and create wild and silly stories. The Spark scenarios have led to many bouts of laughter and silliness for our whole family! Carol Ann Hartung

Spark Story Starters are such a terrific tool to enhance your child’s imagination. They are given a simple scenario or statement and off they go. There are no rules, there are no rights or wrongs, so your child can create the most amazing stories and have an instant feeling of accomplishment. Laugh with your child as they make names for dragons and hide them in daddy’s sock drawer – REAL family entertainment! aminney23

Different from other conversation cards

We have tried other “question” flashcard type games. For whatever reason, other question card games did not interest my family at all. But, this actually “sparked” my non-talkative son’s imagination and he’s been talking up a storm and telling us his own stories he made up from the narrative on the cards! Even my husband (who doesn’t usually like this sort of game) had lots of fun with it.  LittleGagaMama

Perfect for the Classroom!

These writing prompts appeal to younger students as well as older students. This will be used in my resource room extensively. aewsimmons

A staple in Montessori
Great for conversations, imaginations, turn taking and listening practice. This product is now a staple in our classroom. Cheryl Weatherhead, Montessori Teacher

Great for Speech Therapy

These are great for encouraging expressive communication and for carry over of articulation sounds. It really makes the students think about the answer. Highly recommend it for speech therapy sessions. kitchenl

I am a school-based speech language pathologist and I use the story starters with language groups. It presents great scenarios that allow me to target an array of needs. minder23

These are great for receptive and expressive language development. The questions are great for engaging in conversation. MS/SLP

Use it Again & Again

This is one of those things that is priceless on a road trip or airplane ride. With a little imagination and a little Spark, you can be entertained for hours! quietsong56

Can you ask me the one about my pet dragon and how I sneak it into school? I have a different end now. Adam, age 5

After initially playing with the cards over a month ago, I’m still thinking of new ways to answer. Sheryl, kid at heart

A nice change from screen time

This is a great app for families during long car rides, or time spent waiting. Encourages imagination, critical thinking, and interaction with PEOPLE, rather than electronics. Also great for education settings to encourage expressive language skills. msteresa18

Build Reading Skills

My kids have just learned to read; they love using this app on car trips or in waiting rooms. It has a great mix of fun and critical thinking. Thomas173

The Spark cards are key opening doors of imagination, creation, and communication. Anytime. Anywhere. Awesome opportunity to have some very telling and very special moments with a child! Tiffany Hornbeck, mom & family physician

We enjoy that we can all participate as a family to add to the story. With so many games having endless bells and whistles, this one reminds us how fun simple things are!! – mom of two Smiths

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