Spark! Kamloops

Be part of the next Spark! App

(And support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops & Region)

.... submissions are being taken until November 2, 2012 ....

The first Spark! app has been downloaded in 49 countries and was a #2 best-selling educational app on the App Store this year. But, we are certain the next version - Spark! Kamloops - will be even better. Why? Because the story starter you submit might be part of it. PLUS - all money made from the app will support programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops & Region. Spark! Kamloops will be the-first-ever community-created app on the worldwide App store. We invite individuals, families, groups, teams, classrooms... everyone! to participate. We encourage references to local places, attractions and events. This is our opportunity to put Kamloops in the worldwide spotlight! The $.99 app will be available for download in 155 countries around the globe.

Ready to Submit YOUR Story Starter?

Either click here to post your story starter online or go to Facebook/SparkYourImagination.  Story Starters can also be dropped off at Tumbleweed Toys (in Sahali Centre Mall). We are collecting story starters until November 2, 2012.   We encourage you to submit your first name (and/or family name), age and the name of your group/school/business for inclusion. We may edit some questions or modify slightly, but the intent of the question will not be changed. Help us put Kamloops in the worldwide spotlight as the family-friendly, innovative community that we are! 100% of the money made from app sales will support programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops & Region thanks to:
  • Studi09 Creative Services and Reach You Media are contributing their talent to develop the app.
  • The Kamloops Daily News is connecting us with their readership of all ages and interests;
  • Special thanks to TRU Tourism Management instructor David Carter and the wonderful students from the Fundraising For Non-Profits course in Winter 2012. These students enthusiastically contributed their ideas and energy to this project; Lauren Bone, Reid Flasch, Lisa Green, Monica Guisado, Julie John, Kayla Matusiak, Jyllean Norlander, Andrea Petrar, Meghan Porath, Maris Russell, Jamie Smith, Jeromy Spence, Aurelia Suherman, Emma Whanstall, Brandy White, Michaela Williamson, and Kacie Wright.