The Games

Award-winning Original Story Starters Original Spark Story Starters This award-winning series of 50 open-ended scenarios is designed to kick-start imagination, encourage problem-solving and get kids talking.  They are being used for more than story-telling... people love them for dress-up play, art projects, drama, public-speaking and as writing prompts. (Ages 4+)
  SUPER Story Starters SUPER Story Starters - perfect for younger family members!This set of 24 Story Starters offers simpler scenarios and illustrated visual cues to help younger and non-verbal children.  Cards are 4"x6" and come with a bright yellow elastic for easy storage when not in use. (Ages 3+)
    Story Starters DRAW - Creativity loves company!Family-sized Draw Sheets - bring out your inner artist! Big enough for an entire crowd to join in (and no right-way up!), this set of scenarios from our original series is designed to encourage creative thinking in kids (and parents). Draw, colour or paint your masterpieces. Set includes 10-22"x28" drawing sheets. (Ages 5+) Story Starters DRAW - $16.99 (not available online at this time. Please find a store near you). Have more shopping to do? Get your Spark games at and enjoy FREE shipping (with minimum order) Get the App! Spark! for iPhone($1.99)  |  Spark! HD for iPad ($1.99) NEW - Shopping Cart App: KidCart for iPhone ($1.99)