Tips for Use

One thing that people are telling us they love about Spark is that it is simple.  You don’t need directions to use Spark, but a few tips may help you find new and different ways to use them.

Here are a tips that we have found work.  We welcome your suggestions too:

  • Creativity loves company.  The classic ‘brainstorm’ usually involves a group of people for good reason.  Most of us enjoy building on the ideas of others and we gain creativity (and confidence) when others are sharing.
  • Be willing cut loose. Silly can be really, really fun.
  • Ask one question at a time.  Many of the Spark scenarios have a question and then another prompt.  We have had the best success with waiting for an answer for the first question before moving on.
  • Be comfortable with a bit of silence.  Young children may take extra time to process a question.  Some wonderfully fun responses have followed a lengthy pause in our home (and a few have popped up days later).